Community Researcher Training - Teacher Development and New Educational Technologies: A RELIEF Centre Workshop - 3 August 2017

A two-day workshop hosted by the Centre for Lebanese Studies, the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity and the UCL Institute of Education on Community Researcher Training, Teacher Development and New Educational Technologies.

The workshop will explore the possibilities offered by new technologies to develop the research, teaching and learning capacities of host and refugee communities in Lebanon. The widespread access of smartphones, tablets and laptops means that people today can communicate with one another over large distances in a way that is fast, affordable and user-friendly. Technology offers people new ways of developing their capacities for research and education by connecting and working with educators, students and researchers in various institutions at home and around the world. They also present stakeholders such as academics, governments and NGOs with new possibilities to engage communities in research and education in a more inclusive way.

This RELIEF workshop brings together practitioners from the education sector, academic researchers and members of host and refugee communities in Lebanon. It aims to facilitate discussion about current needs and challenges for education and research in Lebanon, and future directions in supporting teaching and research for communities on the ground.

Part one of the workshop on 3 August 2017 will focus on community researcher training. Involving community members as researchers can allow organisations to embed impact into the research process from the very outset.

A further date will include Part two of the workshop will explore pathways to supporting teacher development in Lebanon for host and refugee communities. It will cover past experiences and future directions in using MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to collaborate with different groups of educators.