About the project

Prosperity in the age of mass displacement

The RELIEF Centre aims to speed up transitions to sustainable, prosperous societies in the context of mass displacement, to improve the quality of people’s lives.

The RELIEF Centre is a centre for research and learning focused on inclusive growth and prosperity. It is about the prosperity of Lebanon in particular, but is also part of a larger agenda for developing sustainable ways to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world. The RELIEF Centre brings Lebanese and UK institutions and expertise together to address this challenge using cutting-edge research and innovation.

What is prosperity?

Prosperity is about more than income or wealth of GDP growth. When we talk about prosperity we take into account the multiple dimensions of people's lives. These include personal dimensions such as health, education, and a sense of community belonging, as well as external or environmental factors such as high-quality public services, safe and health urban environments, and the availability of good jobs.

In the context of Lebanon, developing an agenda of prosperity is particularly urgent because of the pressures that the country is facing as a result of the ongoing refugee crisis. Addressing these challenges through the lens of prosperity increases the potential of future economic development and growth in Lebanon.

Collaborating with local communities

With local communities, the Centre will explore how promoting economic growth can improve people’s quality of life. Community researchers will design metrics for, and measure, the prosperity of their local areas and how it changes over time. We will work with new learning technologies to enhance the educational and skills of more people living in Lebanon, in the fields of sustainable design, post-conflict urban regeneration, and education.

The centre also examines how Syrian refugees and their host Lebanese communities can design more resilient and better quality living environments. It looks at how new technologies can be used to deliver affordable education to both refugees and Lebanese citizens, equipping them with the skills and capacities for managing conflict, and improving their environments and well-being. In addition, the centre will conduct research into how Syrian cities, institutions and communities can be rebuilt and strengthened once the current conflict is over.

News and Events


Our training session with community researchers in Hamra, Beirut, who are leading and designing our research on prosperity (December 2018)