Future Education



Future Education works on co-designing the appropriate education and learning opportunities for communities impacted by mass displacement. This research strand will work with local academics, policy makers, teachers, teacher-educators and community members to design and embed scaled up online and blended learning to address pressing educational and training needs. Projects include online professional development for teachers of vulnerable children (with local blended support), training for community researchers in research skills, and crowd-sourcing data for the other research themes.

Research Leads

Dr Maha Shuayb, Centre for Lebanese Studies

Dr Tejendra Pherali, Institute of Education, UCL

Professor Diana Laurillard, Institute of Education, UCL

Dr Elaine Chase, Institute of Education, UCL

Dr Eileen Kennedy, UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, UCL

Dr Mai Abu Moghli, Institute of Education, UCL

Ms Rym El Moussaoui

Ms Cinderella Al Homsi

Mr Mustafa Ismail