Blended Learning Workshop - Beirut

Blended Learning Workshop, Beirut

The workshop was held in the Lebanese American University, organised by Professor Mona Majdalani (Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning), and run by Diana Laurillard and Eileen Kennedy.

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The aim of the workshop was to give teachers sufficient experience of blended learning that they felt able to develop and test their own Blended Learning designs for learner engagement within their TPD courses on campus.

We began by asking them to share on Mentimeter the tools they already knew, and made a Word Cloud out of the impressive collection they provided. We could then build on that to design ways of embedding them in their classroom teaching.

The workshop also gave participants the link to a programme of MOOCs on Blended Learning, developing by UCL in collaboration with the University of Leeds, and the . Participants especially valued the range of new digital tools they had looked at and could now experiment with in their own teaching.