What we do

The RELIEF Centre aims to speed up transitions to sustainable, prosperous societies in the context of mass displacement, to improve the quality of people's lives.

Research questions

What does inclusive growth and sustainable prosperity look like in the context of large-scale movement of people?
How can we improve the quality of life for all in urban environments in Lebanon?
How do we drive innovation and measure value creation in the context of Lebanon?
How can the research and knowledge transfer capacities of Universities be reconfigured to develop innovative responses to these challenges?

The RELIEF Centre programme consists of four research themes based on the research questions:

Research Strand 1: The Vital City
Research Strand 2: Creating Value
Research Strand 3: Future Education
Research Strand 4: Prosperity Gains and Inclusive Growth

Our objectives

  • Develop an innovative and integrated approach to sustainable prosperity for all in Lebanon based on social and economic inclusiveness
  • Work closely with stakeholders - including academic networks, policy makers, business, civil society organisations and communities - to co-design and implement new options for sustainable prosperity
  • Develop new measures of value that enable good decisions through data sets
  • Develop sustainable collaboration between UK and Lebanese Higher Education institutions to develop innovative responses to research that could be relevant to other contexts of movement/migration
  • Demonstrate and develop the role of social science in leading new forms of multidisciplinary knowledge production across disciplines and sectors
  • Use digital technologies to build new knowledge sharing platforms for innovative forms of collaboration between Universities and communities
  • Develop a new generation of scholars able and trained to work across disciplines and to use quantitative and qualitative data, to co-produce research excellence that ensures long term change