Prosperity Gains and Inclusive Growth


Professor Henrietta Moore - Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL

Principal Investigator

Henrietta L. Moore is the is the Principal Investigator of the RELIEF Centre. She is Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL, where she also holds the Chair in Culture, Philosophy and Design. A distinguished social scientist, her current research examines sustainable global prosperity, wellbeing, and institutional change.

Dr Nikolay Mintchev - Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Nikolay Mintchev is a Research Associate working on qualitative methods and the conceptual framework of the Lebanon Prosperity Index. Having trained as a social anthropologist he has experience in interview techniques and ethnography, as well as the different theories that can help us understand the richness of social life.

Dr Ana Tomicic - Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Ana Tomicic is a research associate working on the strand of RELIEF focusing on "Creating Value" (R2), and in close collaboration with R4 on the Lebanon Prosperity Index.

Elisabetta Pietrostefani

Research Collaborator

Elisabetta Pietrostefani is a Research Collaborator with the RELIEF Centre and is working with the team towards the creation of a Prosperity Index for Lebanon. She is leading the quantitative data collection for the pilot site of Ras Beirut and works closely with the team and partners on the ground.

Rachel Saliba

Project Coordinator

Rachel Saliba is the RELIEF Centre Project Coordinator in Lebanon, but she also works in close collaboration with R4, including but not limited to supervising the Citizen Scientists work, as well as providing training and research support.

Mayssa Jallad

Research Assistant

Mayssa Jallad is a Research Assistant at the American University of Beirut. For RELIEF, she supervises data collection and workshops with the Citizen Scientists and coordinates communication with the Neighborhood Initiative.