'Public Services and Vulnerability in the Lebanese Context of Large-Scale Displacement' project receives British Academy award / by Institute for Global Prosperity

Global Challenges Research Fund: Cities and Infrastructure

Global Challenges Research Fund: Cities and Infrastructure

"Public Services and Vulnerability in the Lebanese Context of Large-Scale Displacement" is a research project designed by Principal Investigator Professor Henrietta Moore (UCL), and Co-Investigators Dr Nikolay Mintchev (UCL), Professor Nick Tyler (UCL), Dr Camillo Boano (UCL), Dr Andrea Rigon (UCL) and Professor Nasser Yassin (AUB). Its aims are closely aligned with those of the RELIEF Centre.

In September 2017 it was announced that the project was a successful applicant of the new Cities and Infrastructure research funding programme from the British Academy. The Cities and Infrastructure programme is part of the £1.5 billion Global Challenges Research Fund and is being delivered by the British Academy on behalf of the national academies. 

Public Services and Vulnerability in the Lebanese Context of Large-Scale Displacement

The project aims to improve the design, quality and inclusiveness of public services in Lebanon in areas with large numbers of Syrian refugees. This will improve the welfare of poor regions in a country with stark inequality and strained resources. It will start by trying to understand the way in which people's experiences are structured by inequalities embedded in infrastructure and service provision. Then, the project will explore how economically underprivileged hosts and refugees in Lebanon can participate in the design of more inclusive and resilient infrastructure for improved social welfare, and aims to develop pathways to implementing policy changes. 

The project's research team, which is based in London and Beirut, is working together to organise a consortium of stakeholders that include academics, municipal governments, NGOs and communities. The team will work with these organisations and individuals to find the most efficient ways in which its research on the opportunities and challenges currently faced by Lebanon's infrastructure can translate into concrete policy changes and design practices for a more equal public realm that meeds the needs of city residents. 

Data collected through the project will be integrated into a wider programme of workshop discussions, dialogues and consultations. The project will work closely with the RELIEF Centre, creating synergies with its educational programme in order to improve the capacities of communities to develop solutions to local problems of service provision. This link to the RELIEF Centre will maximise the impact that the project will have on capacity building and, consequently, on Lebanon's social and economic wellbeing. 

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The British Academy GCRF Cities and Infrastructure Programme

The overall aim of the Cities and Infrastructure Programme is to ensure that the best UK research across the disciplinary spectrum takes a leading role of the challenges of creating and maintaining sustainable and resilient cities in developing countries. The research projects funded under the programme will generate evidence to inform future policies and interventions aimed at improving the lives and welfare of people in the developing world by making cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 

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