Massive Online Open Courses

The RELIEF Centre is co-designing a series of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with partners and community members in Lebanon to create vibrant, free online and blended learning experiences based on the research being carried out in Lebanon.

Our approach to MOOCs deliberately disrupts the typical model which features ‘talking head’ videos of university professors far-removed from the community who uses them. We will take our cameras directly to the communities in Lebanon to video local researchers, teachers and professionals so they can share their localised knowledge, skills and understanding with other. By doing so, we will create a collaborative learning environment, where participants can share their experiences and learn from each other. We also know how hard it can be hard to learn online amid the many pressures of life and with limited access to broadband internet. To overcome this, we are designing in local blended learning support to ensure reliable delivery of our MOOCs.

In summary the RELIEF centres distinctive approach to MOOCs that involves: 

·      Co-design of courses
·      Innovative uses of video
·      Collaborative learning activities
·      Dual language design (Arabic and English)
·      Blended learning support

To achieve this we have partnered with two online platforms: the English language free online course platform, FutureLearn and the Arabic language platform, Edraak. Learn more about our MOOCs below.


Research Skills MOOC picture - Asma 1.JPG

Community Based Research: Getting Started

Our first MOOC invites participants in Lebanon, the MENA region and globally, to learn how to engage in the collaborative, community based research methodology of citizen science that sits at the heart of all of our research.

Community based research skills can give people the power to understand and transform their environments. This course starts from the principle that community members are themselves best placed to research their own lives. Participants will be introduced to the citizen social science methodology that underpins the RELIEF Centre approach and learn practical research skills that they can use to embark on their own community based research project. Participants will learn to construct their own research questions and select from a range of methods to find out what the community needs and how to achieve it. Participants will develop research skills to carry out local research projects sensitively and ethically. The course features community based researchers from Lebanon and East London who share their work to support aspiring community researchers on their research journey. The first run of the MOOC will launch on 25th February 2019 on the English language site FutureLearn and on the Arabic language MOOC provider Edraak.

Sign up at FutureLearn (English)

Sign up at Edraak (Arabic)


COMING SOON: Educators for Change

This MOOC aims to support the many teachers in Lebanon working in challenging circumstances with vulnerable children by providing a place to share experience and expertise across the public, private, UNRWA and NGO schools.