International Advisory Board

The RELIEF Centre has a dedicated International Advisory Board (IAB) with two advisors consulting on each research strand. The IAB is responsible for giving strategic guidance and advice to the Primary Management Group and research leads.

IAB (March 2018)

The Vital City


Professor Mona Harb

Department of Architecture and Design, American University of Beirut


Professor Philipp Misselwitz

Habitat Unit, Institute for Architecture of the Technische Universität Berlin

Creating Value


Dr Adam Coutts

Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge 


Professor Christian Dustmann

UCL Department of Economics

Future Education


Professor Barbara Moser-Mercer

InZone, University of Geneva

Dr Tarek Mostafa

OECD Directorate for Education and Skills, Paris

Mr Reda Sadki

Founder, Learning Strategies International and the Geneva Learning Foundation

Prosperity Gains and Inclusive Growth


Mr Frank Hagemann

International Labour Organisation, Beirut


Professor Tim Jackson

University of Surrey


Professor Jo Beall

British Council


Mr Alejandro Echeverri

Director of URBAM, Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia


Ms. Mireille Girard

UNHCR, Lebanon


Mr Gustavo Gonzalez

Food and Agricultural Organisation, Rome


Professor Caren Levy

UCL Development Planning Unit


Mr Kevin Watkins

Save the Children, UK