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Global Associates International Network (GAIN)


What is GAIN?

Our 'Global Associates International Network', or GAIN, is a transdisciplinary network of academics and practitioners from around the world. 

Who is a part of GAIN?

Our community is made up of individuals from a large number of fields, including anthropology and sociology, urban planning, civil engineering, education in emergencies, economics, information technology and entrepreneurship. We also have regional specialists on the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

What does GAIN do?

GAIN is committed to tackling the challenges of displacement and enhancing prosperity, quality of life and education for both refugees and hosts. Its main objectives include

  • Strengthening knowledge exchange between researchers, International Agencies, NGO’s, charities, policy makers and entrepreneurs who address the consequences of displacement.
  • Highlighting solutions to complex problems developed in different contexts of displacement.
  • Acting as a platform for informing people about available expertise that could be linked to existing projects in order to further and add value to ongoing work.
  • Facilitating collaboration between academics and practitioners who share common goals.

How can I be a part of GAIN?

There are opportunities to support the RELIEF Centre in many different ways - from volunteering at, or taking part in events, academic partnerships, consultancy and more.

To find out about our work at the RELIEF Centre and the latest opportunities available, sign up to our newsletter. 

If you would like to participate in GAIN, and feel that you have relevant experience, please contact the RELIEF team at: