Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee


The RELIEF Centre Cultural Committee was set up in 2018 to create, produce and convene the cultural activities of RELIEF. The Cultural Committee is led by Professor Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (Head of Public Engagement at the RELIEF Centre, Reader in Human Geography, co-Director of the Migration Research Unit, PI of the AHRC-ESRC funded Refugee Hosts project, and Coordinator of UCL’s Refuge in a Moving World), and Chaired by Dr Fouad M. Fouad (Syrian doctor and poet, co-investigator of the RELIEF Centre).

The Cultural Committee works across, and is embedded within, all four research themes of RELIEF. Its programme of activity spans poetry, film, music, art and more. It draws on the talents of RELIEF researchers and supports our public engagement philosophy: to devise creative public engagement interventions based on conversation and collaboration.

We will be announcing our upcoming cultural programme for the coming academic year shortly. Keep checking this page to find out more.

We’re always interested in developing new partnerships and collaborations for our cultural programme, and welcome new ideas. If you work in this space, get in touch! Email Annelise Andersen (Communications and Impact Officer, RELIEF Centre -


Chair: Dr Fouad M. Fouad (RELIEF Centre co-investigator, Syrian poet, medical doctor, AUB professor)


Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

Dr Hanna Baumann

Ms. Annelise Andersen

Dr Andres Vicente