Creating Value


Professor JP MacIntosh


As the Leadership Professorial Research Fellow in the Office of Vice-Provost Research (OVPR) UCL, Professor MacIntosh brings decades of policy, strategy, research and innovation experience at the highest levels of decision-taking to academia. The focus of his recent venture research is the value of learning in time. Melding basic science with realistic capability and policy options is a mainstay of his work. Professor MacIntosh is also the Director of the Institute for Strategy, Resilience and Security (ISRS) at UCL.

Professor Michelle Baddeley


Professor Michelle Baddeley is Research Professor at the University of South Australia's Institute for Choice and Honorary Professor at UCL's Institute for Global Prosperity. Her research is in the fields of behavioural economics, neuroeconomics, development economics and macroeconomics on topics including financial decision-making, housing, infrastructure, labour economics, refugees and migration, energy and the environment, and cyber-security. She uses a diverse range of data and empirical tools – including in multi-disciplinary analyses of socio-psychological influences on economic decision-making. She regularly contributes to public policy initiatives and is keen to promote public understanding of economics via her writing and media appearances. Her latest book Copycats and Contrarians – Why We Follow Others, and When We Don't, is forthcoming with Yale University Press.

Professor Mike Batty

Research Collaborator

Professor Mike Batty is the Bartlett Professor of Planning (Emeritus) at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. His research work involves the development of computer models of cities and regions, visualisation and related spatial analytic methods. He is Editor of the journal Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, the leading journal for the publication of high-quality articles that present cutting-edge research in analytical methods for urban planning and design.

Dr Sarah Wise

Research Collaborator

Dr Sarah Wise is an expert in computational social science and agent-based modelling, specialising in their application to spatial and urban systems. Her research interests lie in exploring and forecasting the development of systems involving people, infrastructure, and information using methodologies such as agent-based modelling, social network analysis, data mining, statistical analysis, and geographic information systems.

Dr Ana Tomičić

Post-doctoral Research Associate 

Ana Tomičić is a social anthropologist and Marie-Curie PhD graduate in social psychology from La Sapienza University of Rome. Her research focuses on the sociology of knowledge, higher education reform and the study of universities in the global knowledge economy.