Beirut Soundscape

by Tania Kammoun and Elias Chikhani


Beirut Soundscape is a "mini soundwalk" through the city of Beirut recorded at different times of the day in different locations. Each sound shows you the energy that the city goes through every day of the week; sounds that reflect the old Beirut with the remains of its fruit trees, the connection between neighbours making each neighbourhood a small village, not to forget traffic jams, loud nosies, construction and random music that spread through the city as it wakes up. The track finishes by the sea - an important place because it is somehow an escape from concrete buildings to openness.

Tania Kammoun (sound recordist)

Beirut Soundscape was commissioned by the RELIEF Centre for its UK Launch event. It was premiered during the UK Launch on Tuesday 24th April at the British Museum.